Foundation Move-Up adheres to a proces of development and emancipation from the main items:

Gives the meaning to life and offers more oppertunities for life.


Is necessary to work on desirable level.


is a collecting term for everything that moves people to be creative. Thus, it’s a mirror of society .

"Move-Up means:
everything better, higher, more progressive
especially with regards to
work, education and sports."
Heart of the foundation is the appeal to take initiatives.
Initiatives can be very different, because the different groups can have different aims (f.e. women groups, environment groups, farmers groups). Every group can start changes without costs. The idea is: what can you already change from under the ground (like a plant) to build up a better life. For the next steps businessplans are needed. The Move-Up administration can dicide which initiatives are taken into consideration for financial support (like micro credits), from the moment the foundation has structural sources of income .
The grounds for taking initiatives can be very different: millennium and world aims, entrepreneurship, health care, agricultural projects, emancipation, education, cultural projects, sports, communication, environment, housing, using sustainable materiales, nutrition and individual projects (f.e. orphanage, libraries, lightning).
To reach a higher level it’s important to join the initiatives. The leaders of the groups meet to follow courses, to discuss why groups are successful or not. That leads to cooperative responsability. And if groups earn money, they give something back to the foundation. .