How Africa becomes the place to live!

First of all we mention emancipation, because once found their dignaty, they will have self confidence which is necessary for taking initiatives. People have already shown that they are capable of designing a business plan, phrasing their aims and functioning independently or in (greater) groups. Then they are very committed.

"Foundation Move-Up tries to use work, education and sports to help people to improve the standard of living"

For taking initiatives all kinds of different subjects can be used:

  • Emancipation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food supply
  • Health care
  • Sports
  • Communication
  • Education
    • cooperative
    • artistic
    • cultural
  • Safety and Right for All
  • Financing
    • Micro credit
    • Insurance
    • Saving
    • Facilities
    • Discipline
    • Capital deepening
  • Environment
    • Affordable clean water / Electricity / sanitation
    • Improvement of sustainable living conditions
  • Agricultural projects
  • Millennium and World Aims (to keep working on continuously)
  • Individual projects
  • Exchange partnership to share ideas with other countries.

All this has to result in very active individuals, groups and communities. The more they can work together, the quicker they can develop. Thus, they can astonish themselves.

When they direct themselves to the outerworld, they show their improvement by using their talents, qualities, skills and mental attitude.

Then they will not longer hold up their hands, but take responsability for their own lives. Their pattren of dreaming and praying will change essentially.

A dream gives aim and prayer gives focus, but if working is praying as well, they make steps to realise their aims.

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